Direct marketing isn’t scalable

If you’re like most small or mid-sized software companies, you rely on business development to reach new clients. While it works when you’re small, it’s not viable if you’re looking to scale-up.

B2B buyers are already 57 percent through the purchase decision before they engage a vendor rep (Gartner). You need a strategy that puts you front & center of purchase decisions.

Content marketing helps you position your company as a thought leader with relevant and valuable content. This way instead of you pursuing clients, they’re the ones looking for you.

How I can help

I am a HubSpot certified content marketer with 16+ years experience in the software and digital marketing. Depending on your budget and requirements, I can help in 3 ways.

content-marketerHire me as a content marketing manager to plan and implement a strategy for your business.
content-marketing-consultantHire me as a content marketing consultant to get personalized assistance to grow your business.
content-marketing-trainingHire me as a content marketing trainer to train & build an in-house content marketing team.

Have questions?

Let’s get together on a free, 30-minute, Skype call. In this free consultation call, you can ask me anything you want to know about scaling-up your business with content marketing.

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